I Didn’t See It Coming

I didn’t see it coming. A week ago, I experienced my first ride in an ambulance. It started as intense pain but transformed into a doctor’s concern with test results. I heard lots of words I didn’t want to hear…large mass, CT scan, MRI, hospital, ambulance. I wanted to enjoy my day by writing butContinue reading “I Didn’t See It Coming”

Not One Word

After last week’s blog, I barely had time to savor Mary’s adoration and worship of Jesus before being hit with the criticism of Judas. What a contrast! It reminds me of the times I’ve felt as though I was on a spiritual mountaintop, worshipping and enjoying closeness to God…and then circumstances of life seemed toContinue reading “Not One Word”

How long did it linger?

Mary gave it all. Not a portion. Not just a 10% tithe. She didn’t dilute her gift with an oil. She poured her entire bottle of pure nard on the One she adored and worshipped. Mary took about a pint of pure nard, an expensive perfume; she poured it on Jesus’ feet and wiped hisContinue reading “How long did it linger?”