What Color is the Dress?

Do you remember the most debated social topic of 2015…“What color is the dress? Is it black and blue or is it white and gold?” People were actually angry and fighting over who was right. Some people concluded, “What is true for you is not true for me. I see one color and you seeContinue reading “What Color is the Dress?”

The Road Less Traveled

I live at the end of a long country road. It is the only way to get to my home. If you wish to visit, you can’t randomly choose any road you want because no other road will guide you to my front door. You also can’t call my cell phone by punching in anyContinue reading “The Road Less Traveled”

Elbow on the Table

The day Leslie began her senior year of high school, I had an awakening. I panicked because I realized I had one short year left to teach her everything she needed to navigate through life without parents nearby. I promptly began her crash course on table manners. Every time her elbow landed on the table,Continue reading “Elbow on the Table”