What’s Up?

This is a new venture for me. In the past I’ve blogged and I’ve been somewhat vulnerable in what I’ve shared. But I’m pretty sure this new blog is going to require more.

I love glancing through the pages of my Bible and seeing the blue ink…passages underlined because they astound me and challenge me, promises that I can trust, insight into the original meaning of words, etc.


But there was a time, my Bible was pristine, without a single mark on a single page. Just a lot of dust on the cover.

The change in both me and my Bible began because I casually mentioned eternity to a friend whom I assumed believed the same things I believe. I no longer make such assumptions. She informed me she was an atheist. She said she did not believe there was a God and that upon our death, we would all turn to dust. Nothing more!

I recited several things I learned through years of sitting in church pews but I had no clue as to where those truths could be found in the Bible.

My faith was challenged. Why did I believe what I believed? Was my faith real? Since my spirit seemed to shout aloud the existence of a good God, I wrestled with questions like ‘Who is He’ and ‘Where is He’. I could recall the day that, as a teenager, I professed Jesus as Lord…but where was any spiritual growth? Was I living as if I truly believed He was Lord?

So…I signed up for my first Bible study. I knew that I wanted answers for my friend (even though she wasn’t asking any questions),,,but I think my spirit also wanted answers.

I found a safe place to ask questions. I learned the value of  studying the Bible in its historical and cultural setting. I learned to ask questions like ‘Why was this written? ‘What can this reveal to me about God’s character? How am I supposed to interact with His Word in truth?’

But the study turned into a romance as I began to fall in love with Jesus. Obsessively so! The more I learned about Him and His character, the more I wanted to know. I read, I studied. And then I read more. And I prayed…I prayed that I would understand. I prayed that it would all make sense. I prayed that God would teach me His ways.

That is when I began to identify with the woman at the well (John 4:4-42). I met Jesus while steeped in sin. I quickly realized that He knew me better that I knew myself and that, regardless of my past and regardless of my present day choices, He still wanted to spend time with me. No condemnation! We had many spiritual discussions (through His Word). I asked a lot of questions. Sometimes I received answers. For other questions, I’m still waiting. Jesus revealed Himself as my Messiah and I recognized my desperate need for Him. And just as the Samaritan woman became a woman who was compelled to tell others of her divine encounter, I too can’t seem to keep quiet about Him and His amazing love.

Last year, I purchased a new Bible…clean, crisp white pages…and I began reading, with a new agenda. I began searching for God and His character. Not me and how I fit into His story. Not what He is seeking in me. Just Him!!! And so the blue marks in my Bible have been growing. And so has my awe of Him.

That is where this blog is heading. I’m going to share my “ahas” with you. I’m going to write of what I have learned as I sit at the feet of the Teacher. I’m going to share deep truths that have softened my heart. And I’m going to share the questions that I am asking.

I promise to be real and vulnerable. I don’t intend to defend His truth. He can do that Himself. I don’t intend to be a professional commentary (I’m not that smart), although there are things I’ve learned about context from commentaries written by brilliant minds. I just intend to reveal the relationship I have with God through His written Word.

Next blog … I will be stepping into the gospel of John. I hope you will join me. I want this to be a safe place to share questions or doubts or insights. And I will honestly tell you when I haven’t got a clue or have struggled through the same issue.

Come, travel alongside me. Sign up to receive this blog by email. Invite others to join. I think He has riches in store for us.


18 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. I only follow someone when I know who they’re following. You’re worth following Deb! Thanks for sharing your love of Jesus and His word with others. John is jam packed with so many layers of truth and every time I read from it, I get something new – I know you’ll bring fresh insights to me and many


    1. Yeah! I think you would have fascinating insight to share from all of your background with Israel. From your IPad, you will find a spot to the right of the blog text where you can sign up with your email. From your iPhone, I think you have to go to the “about” page and scroll down to find the same sign up spot. (Easier to find on the iPad).


  2. One blog in and I can’t wait to read more about your journey! I think this is something that anyone can follow and gain from- especially those that are curious about or question about God or Jesus.

    I’m thankful to know you. You are such a light in this world. I’m looking forward to seeing how God works through you in this new endeavor.

    Liked by 1 person

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