“What are you doing about it?”


Look at those smiles! Aren’t they beautiful? I’m going to tell you more about these precious girls who I’ve grown to cherish; but first, let me tell you why they came to mind.

I was only able to read one more sentence in John’s gospel, verse 9:2, before I was struck by the callousness of Jesus’ disciples.

The man was a beggar, blind from birth. Jesus saw him.

The disciples saw the man too. But their reaction to the brokenness they observed was to ask, “Why?” They chose to speculate about the sin in the man’s life. They wanted to ask theological questions.

Dare I say, the disciples were more focused on what Jesus could verbally teach them than what Jesus was teaching through His actions. Jesus was living His life with love for others. On a daily basis, He was displaying compassion that responded to what He saw. His life was exhibiting the kind of love that rescues, redeems,  heals, and restores.

I’m very thankful for Jesus’ patience with His disciples because I often possess their less than admirable traits. Jesus didn’t chastise them. He answered their question and then proceeded to display the awesome work of God.

We live in a broken world with broken people. And when we remember to pray as Jesus taught us, we recite, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,” as we twiddle our thumbs. Yes, I said “we.” I’m guilty.

In 2010, my friend, Kristen, was invited by Compassion International to visit Kenya. On that trip, she stepped into the world of those who live in the huge slum of Nairobi. What she saw devastated her. Tears fell from her eyes like raindrops as she witnessed the human suffering. And she asked God a question. “Why? Why do You allow this?” She felt as though God turned the question on her and asked, “How can you allow it, Kristen? What are you doing about it?”

Long story made short, Mercy House was born. It was created to rescue, empower and disciple women who are abused and oppressed…for God’s glory.

And later Fair Trade Friday was established to empower women around the world…for God’s renown.

Kristen saw the suffering and responded. She and her family partnered with God to make a difference in this world. Today, dignity is given to the neglected, profound transformation occurs for the hopeless, and education is provided to those who were once considered not worthy. Girls are being told for the first times in their lives, “I see you and you are precious.” Children are being told about the Savior who gave His life for them.

Kristen, Maureen (the beautiful executive director who lives in Kenya) and their families live sacrificial lives. They work hard but will tell you that God does the really difficult work. And they invite others to join in this rewarding adventure of rescuing, redemption, healing and restoration. You can read more at mercyhouseglobal.org. It’s worth your time!

I love this quote of Charles Spurgeon. Read it slowly. “It is ours, not to speculate, but to perform acts of mercy and love, according to the tenor of the gospel. Let us then be less inquisitive and more practical, less for cracking doctrinal nuts, and more for bringing forth the bread of life to the starving multitudes.”

You know how much I love to read, study and ponder Scripture but it means absolutely nothing if I don’t respond.  Learning about Jesus must propel me to join Him in His work because “night is coming.”

Today…I choose to act!

Questions to ponder?

How am I responding to the gospel?

Is this world a better place because I’m in it? Of am I living for myself?



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