God created everything we know from…nothing. And He did it with His voice. He spoke everything into existence using words which reflect His will.

What I find astounding is that He gave mankind a voice that also has creative power. And we are allowed to choose how to use our voice, whether it be for good or harmful purposes.

With our words, hope can come into existence. Relationships can be created. Dreams can become reality.

There is so much power in spoken words. Not only can we plant seeds of hope in what appears to be impossible, words can be the catalyst for action.

Encouraging words can be found behind every entrepreneur’s lasting success. Words of repentance can be found in restored relationships. I’ve experienced words of contrition making a friendship stronger when it was vulnerable. And yes, the often spoken words “I’m sorry” have preserved my marriage when other words could have easily destroyed my family.

Words of truth can overrule the lies someone has believed. They can establish respect and honor in a despondent spirit. They can loosen the grip of a stronghold in someone’s life. They can encourage others to aspire to something more than imagined.

Not only are they creative and powerful, words often have a very long life. Words of hope, encouragement, and truth can be remembered for decades. They can be a safe place where we return in moments of doubt and discouragement.

Sadly and too often, we remember words spoken over us which were meant to limit us, words that caused pain, words that were never true. And they can have an affect for generations.

Glimmers of hope may have been obliterated, relationships broken and dreams demolished…all because of reckless spoken words. Yes, words make a difference.

God’s words reveal His heart. And the words we speak reveal our heart. His words are intentionally chosen to accomplish His will.

I can be so different. My words are not few. They are not always chosen carefully. I don’t always consider the intent behind my words. I don’t ask myself, ”What am I trying to accomplish? Do I want to create or destroy?” And while God doesn’t make mistakes, I do.

God’s first act of creation came about because He said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. He saw that the light was good, and He separated the light from the darkness (Genesis 1:3-4).

I love this!

God created light where only darkness existed. I want to be that kind of person. I want to create light in the dark situations of life. Light looks a lot like hope. Light looks a lot like possibility for greater things. Light looks a lot like realized potential. Light looks a lot like truth overcoming lies. Yes, light is good!

Questions to ponder:

Do I consider the intent behind my words?

How have I chosen to use my words to create? How have I chosen to destroy with my words?

Where do I have opportunities to bring light into dark situations?

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