The Wonder of It All

Why aren’t we constantly filled with marvel at the complexity and beauty of creation? Why are we living lives without wonder and awe? Have we become bored? Are the sunsets and sunrises so consistent that we don’t notice them? Have we lost our sense of astonishment because everything sustains itself? Have we lost our awe because our God has been so faithful?

In Genesis 1:1-17, we learn that God formed the earth in the first three days and filled it in the next three.

The first day, He spoke light into what was dark and on the fourth day, He created the sun, moon and stars to govern. On the second day, God created the water and sky and on the fifth day, He filled them with sea creatures and birds. On the third day, God created the land and vegation and on the sixth day, He added living creatures. Then He added His masterpiece…mankind.

Beautifully orchestrated! Brilliantly created!

Just one aspect worth our consideration is the wonder and complexity found in our solar system. The perfection of how everything works together is mind boggling. For example, our solar system’s star, the sun, is 93 million miles away from earth. Any closer and this raging ball of fire (27 million degrees Fahrenheit at its core) would burn everything up. Any further away from this source of energy, life on earth could not exist.

And our solar system, built around our star, is just one part of a galaxy we call The Milky Way. This constellation is actually home to another 100-400 billion stars.

And latest accounts estimate that the Milky Way is just one of around 2 trillion other galaxies in the observable Universe, each one unique.

Isn’t that astonishing and perhaps even a bit overwhelming?

This is where the first pages of Scripture begin…with the astonishing and overwhelming. Genesis 1 and 2 shout of God’s magnitude. He’s larger than His creation. The creation story reveals His power, His strength, His creativity, His sovereignty, His brilliance and His wisdom. There is none like Him! Only from the position of recognizing His grandeur and subsequent humility can we begin to understand everything else we will read in His Word.

Walk outside tonight and gaze up with fresh eyes. Be still. Ponder God’s character. Allow yourself to be captivated.

Questions to ponder:

Why do I take the wonder of creation for granted?

What can I know of God’s character from all that I see in creation?

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