Looks good. But is it?

Sadly, it’s a consistent pattern in life. We first see something that looks good. As we gaze upon it, we begin to find it more and more desirable. And then we take it. Sound familiar?

That’s what Eve did. She saw the fruit of the forbidden tree was “good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom.” So she took it and ate. She not only ate it herself, she “gave some to her husband.” (Genesis 3:6.) That’s another consistent pattern. Seduced people seduce others.

Adam was standing beside Eve when she processed her choice. He didn’t attempt to stop her. He knew the right decision. God had spoken His command directly to Adam before Eve was created. Adam had first hand knowledge of God’s Word, yet he stayed quiet. And then he made the same choice.

The temptation was not the sin. The sin was choosing the temptation over God. The bite of fruit was taken the moment Adam and Eve chose to believe the word of the ancient serpent over God’s Word. That’s the essence of every sin. Sin occurs whenever we lack faith in God and don’t trust His goodness towards us.

Unfortunately, Eve’s eyes were on the deceiver and the shiny fruit he offered. Eating it was surely a temporary pleasure. Enjoyed for a minute, yet casting Adam and Eve into a lifetime of pain, shame and regret.

A shift in our gaze can make all the difference. Looking towards the One who has our best interests in His heart can change our perspective of what is truly of value. Shiny fruit for a brief moment or a thousand moments of intimate, loving fellowship with the Lover of our soul?

Question to ponder:

What ”appealing, shiny fruit” is trying to catch my eye?

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