I’m No Better

Injustice for political or financial gain is beyond frustrating. But it is our response to witnessing injustice that can reveal our integrity, our bravery or our cowardice. Our response can make a difference. Jesus was arrested, bound and brought before the highest of the religious leaders (John 18:12-28). One cruel leader turned Him over toContinue reading “I’m No Better”

Oh, It Will Happen

The drama intensified! Jesus, knowing all that was going to happen to Him, went out and asked the approaching Roman soldiers and Pharisees, “Who is it you want?” (John 18:4) Jesus knew. He knew what was going to happen. He knew that betrayal, rejection, agony and separation from His Father were quickly approaching. But HeContinue reading “Oh, It Will Happen”

Not Our Job

Returning to his eyewitness account recorded in John 18:1-4, we catch a glimpse of the ultimate moment of betrayal and rejection. I’ve been betrayed and I’ve been rejected by “friends” I’ve truly loved. But nothing like what Jesus experienced. Not even close. Jesus had prayed and then left that sacred space of intimacy with HisContinue reading “Not Our Job”

The Most Remarkable Moment

Never in the entirety of existence has there been a moment like it. Not only was it remarkable, it was: Revolutionary Absolutely astounding Perfectly perfect Brilliant and beautiful Powerfully impactful It was the moment when “the Word became flesh.” Scripture explains, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and theContinue reading “The Most Remarkable Moment”

Do we really want it?

I hold this prayer near to my heart because I love the glimpse into Jesus’ heart and desires as He approached His impending death. He prayed for Himself. He prayed for His disciples and then He prayed for me. Ok, ok. I recognize that Jesus’ prayer is corporate. His expression of His desire extends toContinue reading “Do we really want it?”

Thanksgiving Remembered

I totally understand the rush so many experienced this year to put up their Christmas decorations as soon as Halloween decorations were returned to the attic. It has been that kind of year. We need something to celebrate. We need something we can anticipate that is goodness personified. And that is exactly why the churchContinue reading “Thanksgiving Remembered”

The Victory is His

He lived big. He made every moment count. He laughed. He cried. He explained and taught. He did the impossible. But His time was up. Jesus spent His last evening teaching, warning and encouraging His loyal friends. He wrapped everything up by saying, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I haveContinue reading “The Victory is His”

You Turn Mourning to Dancing

One of the songs that plays throughout my day is by a band from North Carolina called Elevation Worship. It’s titled “Graves into Gardens.” A portion of the chorus says, “You turn mourning to dancing. You give beauty for ashes. You turn shame into glory. You’re the only one who can.” I love the upbeatContinue reading “You Turn Mourning to Dancing”