Blessed Assurance

Last time I wrote, I revealed my wrestling in the past to understand God as a trinity. I’ve learned to accept that I don’t have to understand everything in order to believe what He has revealed of Himself in Scripture. Practically speaking, I know that when I switch on the lamp, I will see light,Continue reading “Blessed Assurance”

Like Father, Like Son

Yes, I’ve been forced to slow down because of quarantine lifestyle but I don’t think I have ever been so mentally exhausted. The unrelenting COVID-19, the tragic displays of injustice topped off with the constant political bantering have worn me out. I’ve struggled for answers as to how our nation has gotten into the messContinue reading “Like Father, Like Son”

A Look at the Past

(Photo is taken from the high school yearbook when I was a junior. I’ve been wrestling these last few weeks. I’ve lamented. I’ve tried to listen more than speak. And I’ve learned. I’ve fought against naïveté and the desire to look away. Yet I still have more questions than answers.  I am utterly overwhelmed byContinue reading “A Look at the Past”

What Color is the Dress?

Do you remember the most debated social topic of 2015…“What color is the dress? Is it black and blue or is it white and gold?” People were actually angry and fighting over who was right. Some people concluded, “What is true for you is not true for me. I see one color and you seeContinue reading “What Color is the Dress?”

The Road Less Traveled

I live at the end of a long country road. It is the only way to get to my home. If you wish to visit, you can’t randomly choose any road you want because no other road will guide you to my front door. You also can’t call my cell phone by punching in anyContinue reading “The Road Less Traveled”

Elbow on the Table

The day Leslie began her senior year of high school, I had an awakening. I panicked because I realized I had one short year left to teach her everything she needed to navigate through life without parents nearby. I promptly began her crash course on table manners. Every time her elbow landed on the table,Continue reading “Elbow on the Table”

How are we doing?

(Check out Steve Kight Photography…my talented brother!) Jesus washed their feet and He ate with them. And then…that moment when Judas got up from the table and left…did he wrestle with his choice? Did he hesitate before his next step of betrayal? Perhaps Jesus looked around the room at His devoted followers who remained whenContinue reading “How are we doing?”

Beauty in the Dirty Work

I’ve experienced stages of grief because of this pandemic. First came denial. “This can’t be happening. It can’t possibly be that bad. Surely we will recover quickly.” Next, I experienced depression. “Oh no! It’s really bad! Recovery is going to be slow and costly!” My loved ones are losing loved ones. Friends are testing positive.Continue reading “Beauty in the Dirty Work”

Are we prepared?

Love. We are so flippant with this word. We use it as an amped up description of our likes. “I like pie but I love ice cream.” “I like walking through the woods but I love walking on the beach.” You get the picture. We all do it. But love means more than an amplifiedContinue reading “Are we prepared?”

It is Time

It is time! With all that is going on in this world and in our own lives, it is time. It is time to make some decisions. It is time to ask the right questions. It is time to speak loudly. Jesus entered Jerusalem to a crowd consisting of those who openly professed belief thatContinue reading “It is Time”