Are we prepared?

Love. We are so flippant with this word. We use it as an amped up description of our likes. “I like pie but I love ice cream.” “I like walking through the woods but I love walking on the beach.” You get the picture. We all do it. But love means more than an amplifiedContinue reading “Are we prepared?”

It is Time

It is time! With all that is going on in this world and in our own lives, it is time. It is time to make some decisions. It is time to ask the right questions. It is time to speak loudly. Jesus entered Jerusalem to a crowd consisting of those who openly professed belief thatContinue reading “It is Time”

I Didn’t See It Coming

I didn’t see it coming. A week ago, I experienced my first ride in an ambulance. It started as intense pain but transformed into a doctor’s concern with test results. I heard lots of words I didn’t want to hear…large mass, CT scan, MRI, hospital, ambulance. I wanted to enjoy my day by writing butContinue reading “I Didn’t See It Coming”

Not One Word

After last week’s blog, I barely had time to savor Mary’s adoration and worship of Jesus before being hit with the criticism of Judas. What a contrast! It reminds me of the times I’ve felt as though I was on a spiritual mountaintop, worshipping and enjoying closeness to God…and then circumstances of life seemed toContinue reading “Not One Word”

How long did it linger?

Mary gave it all. Not a portion. Not just a 10% tithe. She didn’t dilute her gift with an oil. She poured her entire bottle of pure nard on the One she adored and worshipped. Mary took about a pint of pure nard, an expensive perfume; she poured it on Jesus’ feet and wiped hisContinue reading “How long did it linger?”

Beginning of the End

Friends are our antidote for loneliness. They can be our rescue from anxiety. When we are feeling defeated by this world, they can redirect us to truth and hope. They remind us of that which is praiseworthy in our lives. And sometimes, they just sit with us when words won’t suffice. Reading John 12:1-2 (yes,Continue reading “Beginning of the End”

Into His Marvelous Light

One minute he was dead. And the next minute, he was standing in marvelous light. Yes, Lazarus died. In fact, by the time Jesus arrived on the scene, Lazarus had already been in the tomb for four days. Wrapped in burial cloths with spices (visualize an Egyptian mummy and you get the picture), he wasContinue reading “Into His Marvelous Light”

A Christmas Cave

For Advent, I put aside the gospel of John and began pondering the Christmas story (Luke 2:1-20). I’m always amazed at the intricacy found in details and I’m astounded at the profound way God’s plans are fulfilled. For example, Mary and Joseph would never have planned to make the 80 mile trip from their hometownContinue reading “A Christmas Cave”

Two words

Twenty something years ago, Keith and I experienced painful  rejection, shocking betrayal and the death of several relationships with people we dearly loved. I distinctly remember waking up one morning and thinking I would never, ever experience happiness again because the pain ran so deep. It was a devastating, dark period in our lives that IContinue reading “Two words”