Light that you can count on

Figuratively, He boldly drew the line in the sand a little bit deeper. Jesus had previously declared to the crowd that He is Living Water. Consequently some decided to follow Him while others became hostile. The people were divided. So He made another “I Am” revelation…When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I amContinue reading “Light that you can count on”

Fireworks are for celebrating!

(Shameless plug for my brother’s amazing artistry…Steve Kight Photography) They didn’t exist yet, but…there should have been fireworks. It was an amazing feat. A miracle. 20,000 hungry people fed by multiplying 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. I wonder if people in our nation can truly grasp the wonder of this miracle. We areContinue reading “Fireworks are for celebrating!”

What’s in your lunchbox?

Lisa and I planned a special evening … for 500 girlfriends. Our plan: provide a nourishing meal followed by a spiritual meal. We hired a caterer to accommodate the first need and we hired a renowned speaker to address the second need. The meal was excellent…or so I heard. However, the buffet line was longContinue reading “What’s in your lunchbox?”

Oh, the questions I would ask

I really do try to avoid putting character labels on people. I don’t know their past heartaches…but I know they all have stories of pain. I don’t know their present struggles…but I am aware that trouble is part of life. And I certainly don’t know their future. So I don’t want to judge this man’sContinue reading “Oh, the questions I would ask”