Fireworks are for celebrating!

(Shameless plug for my brother’s amazing artistry…Steve Kight Photography) They didn’t exist yet, but…there should have been fireworks. It was an amazing feat. A miracle. 20,000 hungry people fed by multiplying 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. I wonder if people in our nation can truly grasp the wonder of this miracle. We areContinue reading “Fireworks are for celebrating!”

What’s in your lunchbox?

Lisa and I planned a special evening … for 500 girlfriends. Our plan: provide a nourishing meal followed by a spiritual meal. We hired a caterer to accommodate the first need and we hired a renowned speaker to address the second need. The meal was excellent…or so I heard. However, the buffet line was longContinue reading “What’s in your lunchbox?”

Oh, the questions I would ask

I really do try to avoid putting character labels on people. I don’t know their past heartaches…but I know they all have stories of pain. I don’t know their present struggles…but I am aware that trouble is part of life. And I certainly don’t know their future. So I don’t want to judge this man’sContinue reading “Oh, the questions I would ask”